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A huge welcome back to the school year of 2018-2019. It was fantastic to see the children first thing in assembly today! They all looked very shiny and smart! I hope all our families and the children had a wonderful time during the summer making happy memories and spending some much needed down time together.

We had another amazing successful and busy year and this one will no doubt be even more crazy, as we relentlessly aim to do even better. We very much look forward to leading the children in their learning this year and seeing their development grow once again -both academically and socially. They did incredibly well last year and I am truly proud of their positive attitudes, excellent behaviour and wonderful manners.


A huge thank you for the many gifts and cards that I received at the end of last term. I was very spoilt! I particularly loved some of the children’s comments in the cards. Made me smile. It is wonderful to be thanked for a job that I love.


We would like to extend a particular welcome our new reception children and their families. We cannot wait for them to officially start, but we are looking forward to meeting them all during the home visits which have already started this week. We welcome you all, but especially a handful of new families. We hope you and the children have a great 7 years with us. We promise to guide, nurture and teach your children to be the very best that they can be!


It is with great delight that I officially welcome to Cobham Miss Pretious (who is leading Year 2), Miss Hammond (who will be leading Year 4) and Mrs Gallagher to Year R who will be working alongside Mrs Dengate and the reception team until Mrs Dengate begins her maternity leave later in Term 2, whereupon Mrs Gallagher will lead the class. We are very fortunate to have such amazing ladies join our school and they will undoubtedly be great assets to the Cobham Team. Also I am delighted to now be calling Miss Smith – Mrs Rose as she had a wonderful wedding day during the summer and a reminder that Mrs Winslade is now going to revert to her lovely maiden name of Miss Tyler! These new names will take a while to commit to this ever ageing memory!


Tolerance – our first TRUST value is our over – arching theme for the year and the children will be learning much about what this word means in terms of our relationships with friends, families, communities, countries and our place in the world as global citizens! We will often use one of our other TRUST values- respect- to teach the children about this key area for the year!

Greater Independent Learning!

We are once again on a mission to help all our children develop even greater strategies for being independent learners and to become more resilient as their learning becomes more challenging! Throughout their learning journey over the children’s 7 years, our ultimate aim is that children have greater and greater success for themselves, thus being truly proud of their own achievements and progress.


Once again we finished the school year achieving a 97% attendance figure, which met the national average! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We hate being ‘average’ so we have set the target of 98% again this year! It was a privilege to present 21 children with 100% certificates and book vouchers at the end of last term! Please be reassured that we will continue to work in partnership to support you and your child in attending school as much as possible.

After School Clubs

Just to remind you that Our Sports Provider Premier Sports requires you to register for any of their after school clubs online and pay them directly. The link is https://sport.premier-education.com/ where you will find a search box on the home page that says ‘find an activity.’ Type the school postcode DA12 3BN into that box and find Cobham. You will then see a list of the activities that they will be running. Click on more information and ‘book now.’ You can book your child a place and pay for the activity online. You will receive confirmation of your booking which will include all terms and conditions and other pertinent information. Please note that on-line bookings must be made 48 hours before the start date of the activity.

Letters will be given to your children today for those other clubs not provided by Premier Sports! I hope that they make their way in to the children’s book bags! It is not first come first served – we wait to see the interest and try and share the clubs fairly! But please return your letters to show interest so that I can sort the choices by the end of this week!

Thursday 6th September – Kent Tests – Year 6

Friday 7th September – PJ day!

Friday 7th September – New Reception Class Picnic – 1pm start!

Monday 10th September – Reception class start am and pm

Monday 10th September – PTA Meeting – Darnley Arms 7pm

Wednesday 12th September – Violin lessons begin for Years 4, 5 and 6

Friday 14th September – Swimming lessons start for Years 5 and 6

Monday 17th September – Stay and Share 2-2.30pm followed by

Meet and Greet Class teacher 2.30-3pm

Friday 21st September – Jeans for Genes Day and Wear it Pink for McMillan £1 donation please

Beginning Monday 24th September – Walk a Mile a day week!

Monday 24th September – Reception Class full time!

Thursday 27th September – McMillan Fundraising Coffee event – 2pm in the school hall – EVERYONE WELCOME

Monday 15th – Friday 19th October – Creative week across the school!

Tuesday 16th October – Year R Stay and Play 1.30 – 2.30pm followed by a workshop led my Mrs Dengate

Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th October – Parent evenings 3.15-6.30pm

Friday 19th October – Music Workshops all day! EVERYONE NEEDS A PACKED LUNCH

CHRISTMAS FAYRE!!! Friday 7th December 2-5pm

SPORTS DAY!!! Tuesday 25th June 2019 10.30am + Giant Picnic

There will of course be more dates and information sent to you via school comms so please keep us up to date with any email changes! We try to not change too much as we are aware of the implications for you as families! Be rest assured that throughout the year, the children will experience a great range of learning and teaching opportunities! We have lots of exciting things booked and planned for the forthcoming year! Bring it on!

Mrs Saunders
Mrs Saunders

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Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders is Headteacher at Cobham Primary School

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