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A huge welcome back to the school year of 2017-2018. It was so lovely to see the children first thing in assembly today! They all looked well and seemed to have had a great holiday! I hope all our families had a wonderful time.

We had an incredibly successful and busy year (all of them seem to be busy to be fair) and this one will no doubt be even more crazy, as we continue to aim to do even better. We very much look forward to teaching the children this year and seeing their development grow once again -both academically and socially. They did so well last year and I am proud of each and every one of them.


A huge thank you for the many gifts and cards that I received at the end of last term. I was very spoilt! I particularly loved some of the children’s comments in the cards. Made me smile.


We would like to extend a particular welcome our new reception children and their families. We cannot wait for them to officially start, but we are looking forward to meeting them all during the home visits which have already started this week. We welcome you all, but especially a handful of new families. We hope you and the children have a great 7 years with us. We promise to guide, nurture and teach your children to be the very best that they can be!


UNITY – We are One- is our over – arching theme for the year and the children will be learning much about the power of working together and how ‘Unity’ is very much needed in our homes, schools, communities and nations.

Greater Independent Learning!

We have always been blessed to have great teachers and teaching assistants at Cobham and some children can grow to rely on the support of these adults too much! We are on a mission to help all our children develop even greater strategies for being independent learners and to become more resilient as their learning becomes more challenging!

Talk Less Teaching

The irony of myself writing this as a priority is not lost on me! I always talk too much but we are aiming to ensure that there are greater opportunities for children to talk about their learning and thinking as well as teachers being mindful of how long they are talking for at the beginning of lessons! This will be a challenge for us all! There are also a plethora of strategies that we can use to ensure that the children share more and that they learn from each other as much as they do from the teachers in the classroom!


We finished the school year achieving a 97% attendance figure, which met the national average! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We hate being ‘average’ so we have set the target of 98% again this year! It was a privilege to present 29 children with 100% certificates and book vouchers at the end of last term! Please be reassured that we will continue to work in partnership to support you and your child in attending school as much as possible.

English and Maths across the curriculum!

We will be expecting the children to use and apply their amazing knowledge and learning in these two areas above to support their learning in other areas of the curriculum. Expectations of their writing in all lessons will be high and opportunities to utilise their maths skills in Science, PE, History, DT, Geography, etc. will be planned for.

After School Clubs

Just to remind you that Our Sports Provider Premier Sports requires you to register for any of their after school clubs online and pay them directly. The link is:

Premier Sport Website

where you will find a search box on the home page that says ‘find an activity.’ Type the school postcode DA12 3BN into that box and find Cobham. You will then see a list of the activities that they will be running. Click on more information and ‘book now.’  You can book your child a place and pay for the activity online. You will receive confirmation of your booking which will include all terms and conditions and other pertinent information.  Please note that on-line bookings must be made 48 hours before the start date of the activity.

Letters will be given to your children today for those other clubs not provided by Premier Sports! I hope that they make their way in to the children’s book bags! It is not first come first served – we wait to see the interest and try and share the clubs fairly! But please return your letters to show interest so that I can sort the choices by the end of this week!


After School Clubs Term 1 and 2



Governor Elections

We need new governors! I will be writing to you shortly to ask you all to consider becoming a school governor or to nominate someone who you think can be an asset to our governing body with either an educational background or financial background! We need two people committed to excellence!

Staffing Information!

Mrs Dengate (formerly Miss Bushell) has kindly agreed to lead our Year 1 children at the start of this term as Mrs Winslade will be starting back with us on Monday 4th September! Thank you to Mrs Dengate for offering to do this to ensure a smooth transition for our Year 1 children!

We also want to send Miss Mann all our love, hugs and good wishes for her forthcoming marriage this term! We hope you and your future husband have the best day ever and your marriage is a long, happy and fun-filled one. He is a lucky man and yes I am biased! Miss Mann will not be in school from 13th September until 22nd September! I will be doing my best to teach Year 6 alongside the much-needed support of Mrs O’Neill! Miss Mann will become Mrs Resoda on the 17th September! Happy Wedding Day!

Maths Parent Factor

Maths Parent Factor is a great website which we have subscribed to in order to support the children’s maths homework during the year! It is very much about making maths fun and seeing how it can be used in the real world! The teachers will be showing you some of its content at the ‘Meet and Greets’, but the children will be bringing it home very soon!  They will love it!


Last year, parents utilising this website for their shopping, raised the school over £750. Please take a moment to save this website as a favourite and get shopping!


Easy way to make money!

Sweets and Cakes

I would like to request that you do not send in sweets or cakes for children’s birthday celebrations! We are a healthy eating school on the whole and where possible, we are making small/minor changes to the amount of sweets and sweet things that our children have whilst in school. Many local schools have made this request for some time and in fact what they ask for is a book donation for the class library. In this time of ever decreasing budgets, we are in fact struggling to replenish the class libraries as regularly as we have in the past. We would love it, if on your child’s birthday, a new book could be sent in with the child having signed and dated it to say that it is their birthday donation to the class. The class can still make a fuss and say a big, big thank you!


Monday 4th September – Maths Game Day!

Tuesday 5th September – PTA Meeting 7.30pm  – The Ship

Wednesday 6th September – Meet and Greet your child’s new teacher at 2.30pm in each classroom! Please do try to attend!

Thursday 7th September – Kent Tests (Year 6)

Friday 8th September – Year R Family Picnic 1-2.30pm

Friday 8th September – Pyjama Day! Wear your pyjamas to school for the day! (No charge!)

Monday 11th September – Year R start school officially! Part time!

Beginning Monday 25th September – Walk a Mile a day week!

Friday 29th September – Fundraising Colour Run for the whole family 2pm (Details to follow!)

Friday 13th October – PTA Comedy Night (Details to follow this week!)

Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October – Parents’ Evening  (Not Year R)

Friday 20th October – Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Research (£1)

CHRISTMAS FAYRE!!! Friday 8th December 2-5pm

SPORTS DAY!!! Wednesday 27th June 2018 10.30am + Giant Picnic

There will of course be more dates and information sent to you via school comms so please keep us up to date with any email changes! Be rest assured that throughout the year, the children will experience a great range of learning and teaching opportunities! We have lots of exciting things booked and planned for the forthcoming year! Graffiti workshops are booked this term to rejuvenate the mural nearest ‘The Ship’ car park.

We cannot wait to get started! This year will undoubtedly be another great success and thank you in advance for the support, guidance and the interest that so many of you show in your child’s learning and the understanding and gratitude that you show for all that we try to do for the children. We hope the children have a happy, fun & successful learning experience this year!

Mrs Saunders
Mrs Saunders

Headteacher Information

Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders is Headteacher at Cobham Primary School

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