School Council Minutes – June 2017


Mrs Saunders
Mrs Kelly
Class 6
Harrison Watson
Lucy Field
Class 5
George Silk
Daisy Gregory
Class 4
Arran Khun-Khun
Lola Travers

Class 3
Dylan Wade
Gracie Connor
Class 2
Coby Blackstock
Elsea-Rae Taylor
Class 1
Jay Williams
Daisy Beckett


The School Council meeting was chaired by Harrison today.

Harrison and Mrs Saunders welcome our visitor to today’s meeting, Jill from TCS.  Jill was visiting to look at and talk about the children’s designs for the food hatch in the school hall.

  1. Designs for Food Hatch in the School Hall

Mrs Saunders asked the councillors to thank their classes for the array of wonderful hatch designs submitted.  She has chosen a selection and asked School Council to look at and vote on their favourite design.  There was much discussion about the super designs and, in the end, elements from 3 or 4 designs were chosen.  Jill, from TCS, was also very impressed with the designs and made some helpful suggestions as to how the chosen elements from the different designs could be put together.  She will take photographs of our hatch and send off our designs to a computer designer who will create something for us to see on paper.  We will be able to make changes and adjustments to this before it is transferred onto our hatch.  Elements from the designs chosen included: Light House, children holding hands, the world, the sun shining, TRUST values and the name ‘Cobham Country Cafe’.

Jill also gave the councillors a questionnaire and asked them to complete it with their classes as soon as possible, about their school lunches.  She also told us that, in the future, TCS would be able to put on ‘themed’ lunches when we have our ‘themed’ days in school if requested.  She is also going to supply us with free water for Sports Day!  Mrs Saunders thanked Jill and said that we would love the water for that day!

  1. Have equipment trolleys been topped up?

House Captains have topped up the equipment trolleys.  Mrs Saunders has promised more equipment after Sports Day, for the last few weeks of term.

  1. Pop-Up Goals & Sports Day Box

Mrs Saunders is going to ask the PTA if they will purchase the pop-up goals for the field for lunchtimes.  Hopefully she will be able to purchase them in the next few weeks.  Mrs Saunders has decided not to have a Sports Day Box for the time being.  She would like to keep Sports Day equipment separate from the play equipment so that we have what we need for Sports Day (coming soon!).  Everyone will have time to practise with the Sports Day equipment, in their PE lessons, this term.

  1. Lego, Art & Cooking Clubs

Mrs Saunders  will be, in the next few weeks, organising clubs for Term 1 of the next academic year.  Lego Club and Art Club are on her list and she will speak to the staff to see if anyone will run these.  There will be the usual Premier Sports Clubs as well as Maths, ICT, Choir and Games Clubs.  She has also organised a Dance Club and there will be a Cooking Club.  Look out for information on next term’s clubs soon!

  1. Nature Day & Dress up as a Teacher Day

We had a wonderfully successful ‘Dress up as a Teacher Day’ last Friday (9th June) which was enjoyed by all!  Mrs Saunders likes the idea of a ‘Nature Day’ and thinks it would be good to put in the Diary in Autumn terms 1 or 2.

  1. O.B:

Class 1:

Would like chalk for the playground, a basketball and a Book Box for lunchtimes.  They also requested some dressing-up clothes for their classroom.  Mrs Kelly suggested that Class 1 could message their parents and see if anyone has dressing-up clothe, that they do not want anymore, that we could have in school.

Class 2:

Reminded that the arm of the bench, on the infant playground, is coming apart.  They also requested Gymnastics and Basketball Clubs and would like a rugby ball for playtimes and lunchtimes as well as some rugby tags.

Class 3:

Suggested painting the trim trail but Mrs Saunders explained that we cannot have too many painted things around the school because they have to keep being painted to maintain them.  Sometimes it is better to leave things in their natural colour and the trim trail has already been weather treated.  Class 3 also requested that Mrs Saunders remind children, in assembly, that they need to be quiet in the ‘Quiet Areas’ of the playground.  They also requested some more ‘grown-up’ books for the outside Book Box.  Mrs Saunders asked the School Councillors to pick 2 or 3 (more grown-up) books from their classrooms that they could add to the box.

Class 4:

Have requested a PJ Day next academic year.  They have also asked if the broken benches on the junior playground can be fixed and whether we can have a ‘Tidy-Up’ afternoon in the Diary, before the end of term.  Finally, Class 4 also suggested having a Sand Pit for the juniors.  Mrs Saunders explained that there were lots of reasons why this would not be possible.  A Sand Pit, without a lid, would become an ‘animal toilet’ and unsafe and unclean for the children to use.  A Sand Pit, with a lid, big enough to take juniors would be very expensive and take up too much space.

Class 5:

Asked whether the benches on the junior playground could be cleaned as they are quite heavily covered in bird poo!  Mrs Saunders said that this could be incorporated into the ‘Tidy-Up’ afternoon.  Class 5 also asked if the tyres could be fixed down in the Tyre Track and if it could be weeded.  They also asked if our new ’throne’ could be sanded down as it is quite rough.  Finally they suggested having ‘Teachers dressed in Uniform’ Day!

Class 6:

No issues to bring today.

Mrs Saunders reminded councillors that they must be polite, but forceful, about asking their teachers for time to share School Council Minutes after a meeting and to allow time for their classes to talk about issues that they would like raised at School Council, just before a meeting.

Finally, Mrs Saunders asked the councillors to tell their teachers that, before the final school council meeting of the year (Tuesday 11th July) each class needs to have voted for their councillors for next year so that they can bring them to the meeting.

  1. Date for next School Council Meeting:

The next School Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th July at 10:15am.

The meeting was closed by the Chairman (Harrison ) at 10:45am.

Mrs Saunders
Mrs Saunders

Headteacher Information

Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders is Headteacher at Cobham Primary School