Apologies: Isla was attending her Rocksteady session so was unable to attend the School Council meeting today.

Mrs Saunders, and Mrs Kelly welcomed the new School Councillors to our first School Council meeting of the 2019-20 academic year.  They explained how School Council is run – primarily by the children! The importance of Ground Rules was also discussed and a set of Rules, for school council meetings, was agreed upon.

1.Ground Rules:

It was decided that the following rules would be observed at all council meetings:

  • Councillors put up their hands if they wish to speak and then speak in a confident and clear voice;
  • Listen while others are speaking and support one another;
  • Council should sit in a rectangular formation so that everyone can see each other;
  • Everyone who puts their hand up will have a chance to speak; and
  • These rules are not definitive and may be added to at later meetings.


The Year 6 councillors put themselves forward for the roles of Chair and Vice Chair.  The rest of the councillors happily agreed with Archie and Eartha taking these roles.  Mrs Saunders suggested that, instead of having Chair and Vice Chair, we have two Chairs who could take turns to lead the meetings.  This was agreed and Archie kindly agreed to lead the first meeting.

3. Did Mrs Saunders get a quote for the Astroturf?

Mrs Saunders has not got a quote for Astroturf yet because a man is coming to school on October 11th to give us a quote for the outside multi-gym equipment and his company also supplies and lays Astroturf too.  Mrs Saunders will ask him for a quote to lay Astroturf under the Trim Trail and see School Council can ask the PTA if they would be willing to raise funds for it.

4. Did Mrs Saunders find out if there were any further cycling opportunities – Year 2?

Year 6 will possibly be taking part in a ‘Bikeability’ cycle training programme later on in the school year.  Focus has always been on Year R and Year 6 with regard to cycling but Mrs Saunders will look into whether there are any other companies providing cycling for other year groups in the school.

5. Can Mrs Saunders speak to the Consortium about arranging Dodge Ball and Bench Ball competitions for the Juniors?

Last year, Cobham took part in Ace and Bench Ball competitions with other schools in our Consortium and Mrs Saunders will speak to members of the Consortium to continue the competitions this year and to also include Dodge Ball too.

6. A.O.B:

Year 1

  • No issues to raise this time

Year 2

Ideas from Year 2, put forward by the Year 2 councillors:

  • Funky hair day to raise money for charity.  Mrs Saunders said that there will be charity events during the year (we had one for Porchlight in Week 2 and we have one for Jeans for Genes and Pink Cancer Awareness on Friday)  We will definitely add ‘Funky Hair Day’ to the Diary!

Year 3

Ideas from Year 3, put forward by the Year 3 councillors:

  • Can we have more playground equipment please?  Mrs Saunders said that she will be ordering more equipment this week.  The Councillors have asked for balls and hoola hoops.

Year 4

Ideas from Year 4, put forward by the Year 4 councillors:

  • Gym mats for outside. Mrs Saunders said ‘no’ to this suggestion due to the logistics involved with getting them in and out and cleaning them!
  • Can the Piano stool be repaired?  Mrs Saunders will look at the stool for repair.
  • Can Teddy Bear’s Picnic go into the Diary later on in the year.  Mrs Saunders said that this can definitely be put into the Diary for this school year!

Year 5

Ideas from Year 5, put forward by the Year 5 councillors:

  • Can we have more weeks like Creative and Science Week this year?  Mrs Saunders told School Council that she is in the process of organising an ‘Art Day’, possibly as part of Creative Week. She will speak to the teachers about what can be organised for this year.
  • Can we improve the Recycling System around the school?  Mrs Saunders said she will talk to Mrs O’Neill about it this and having more bins to promote recycling around the school.
  • Can we have some mixed year group sessions this year, like P4C or reading? Mrs Saunders will speak to the teachers about this.

Year 6

Ideas from Year 6, put forward by the Year 6 councillors:

  • Can we do a litter pick of the school grounds and the park?  Mrs Saunders  though this was an excellent idea and will put a date in the Diary!
  • Can we have another Colour Run/Walk. Mrs Saunders will speak to the teachers and have a think about it.

Mrs Saunders also told Councillors she will do an assembly ‘moan’ about taking care of playground equipment and using it appropriately and also about the toilets.

7. Date for next School Council Meeting:

The next school council meeting will be on Monday 4th November 2019 at 10:10am.

Mrs Saunders and Mrs Kelly thanked the school councillors for attending the meeting and it was closed by the Chairman, Archie, at 10:30am.

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