Mrs Saunders, and Mrs Kelly welcomed the School Councillors to our second School Council meeting of the 2019-20 academic year.  Today the councillors were joined by Mrs Hargroves (School Governor). The meeting was chaired by Eartha. 


1. Did Mrs Saunders get a quote for the Astroturf?

Next Monday, the new multi-gym equipment, will be installed outside and the company installing the equipment will give us a quote for Astroturf in the Trim Trail area.  Mrs Saunders told the councillors that if it is too costly, we will not be able to have it done at this time.

2. Can the piano stool be repaired/replaced?

The new piano stool is arriving today (Monday 4th November 2019)!

3. Are there any more details on ‘Art Day’/’Creative Week’?

Art Week will definitely be happening in late January or early February 2020 and there is lots of fun and surprises instore that are currently being kept secret!!  Mrs Saunders did share that the children will be creating a piece of framed art to exhibit in a gallery-type exhibition during Art Week!  More details to follow nearer the time!

4. Have any mixed year group sessions been planned yet (e.g. P4C, Reading etc.)?

Mrs Saunders said that a planned mixed P4C session did not take place last term, so she asked the councillors to vote on whether they would like a mixed P4C session or a mixed reading session this term. The councillors voted on a mixed reading session and Mrs Saunders said she would put this in the Diary by the end of this term.

5. Can we have another Colour Run/Walk?

Mrs Saunders agreed to arranging another Colour Run/Walk but said that it will not be until Term 6.

6. A.O.B:

Year 1

Year 1 requested an Art and Painting day. Art Week has already been arranged for Term 3 so hopefully Year 1 will look forward to that. They also asked if it was possible to have a Karate Club and Mrs Saunders agreed to look into this.

Year 2

Year 2 suggested having a ‘Cowboy and Western Day’ to raise money for charity. Mrs Saunders really liked this idea and asked Year 2 which charity they would like to raise money for and let Council know.  Year 2 would also like to have a ‘Danceathon Day’ again; Mrs Saunders said that we could do this during Sports Week. They also suggested having another ‘Crazy Hair Day’ to raise money for the homeless.

Year 3

Year 3 suggested having a ‘Whole Class Act’ at the Talent show?  Mrs Saunders said that she would discuss this with the staff.

Year 4

Firstly, Year 4 said a ‘Thank you!’ to Mrs Saunders for having the raised flowerbed mended. Year 4 then made a request to raise money for ‘Children in Need’.  Mrs Saunder suggested that, during ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ (which is the same week as Children in Need) we are having ‘Odd Sock Day’ so the children can bring in a donation then to raise money for Children in Need.

Year 4 also suggested having Recycling bins in class!

Year 5

Year 5 suggested having ‘Bicycle Racks’ on site so that children can ride their bikes to school. Mrs Saunders really likes this idea and of promoting riding to school but knew, from previous experience, that Bicycle Racks are extremely expensive and that not that many children will be able to ride to school.  She will look into how much Bike Racks will cost but also, in the meantime, we can find space to keep bikes safe on site if racks are too expensive. 

Year 5 also expressed how they would really like to help promote better recycling in school and so asked Mrs Saunders for dedicated recycling bins.  Mrs Saunders suggested that Year 5 can definitely help by becoming ‘Recycling Ambassadors/Champions’ to ensure that children use recycling bins properly.  Mrs Saunders will look into having recycling bins in school.

Year 6

Year 6 would like to see the dishes cooked with Darren from Roots to Food, added to the school dinner menu (Mexican Chilli – meat and vegetarian versions) please. Mrs Saunders said that she would pass this to Mrs Styles to speak to TCS Catering about.   The other point that Year 6 raised was just how much food is thrown away at lunchtime during school dinners. After all of the children have been served, sometimes ‘seconds’ are not offered and quite a lot of food is thrown into a bin, meaning a lot of food is being wasted throughout the week.  Mrs Saunders agreed with this and expressed how she did not like to see food wasted. She will address this with TCS Catering and also, perhaps, think about having a food composter for the future.

The councillors asked if Mrs Saunders could have another ‘equipment moan’ in Assembly.

Finally, Mrs Saunders asked the councillors to inform their classes about something special and important on the lead up to Christmas.  This year, rather than writing a Christmas card for each of your friends, can we write one card to the whole class and then donate a food item (with a long shelf life – not fresh items please!), that will be taken to a Food Bank, to help improve Christmas for children less fortunate than ourselves?

7. Date for next School Council Meeting:

The next school council meeting will be on Monday 13th January 2020 at 10:10am.

Mrs Saunders and Mrs Kelly thanked Mrs Hargroves and the school councillors for attending the meeting and it was closed by the Chairman, Eartha, at 10:35am.

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