Mrs Saunders, and Mrs Kelly welcomed the School Councillors and Mrs Cresswell (Chair of the Board of Governors) to our first School Council meeting of 2020! The meeting was chaired today by Eartha. 


1. Did Mrs Saunders get a quote for the Astroturf?

Mrs Saunders requested a quote for Astroturf, underneath the trim trail, while the gym equipment was being fitted recently.  The company had put Astroturf underneath the gym equipment. Unfortunately, they quoted £6,500 to lay it under the Trim Trail and this is money we don’t currently have!

2. Did Mrs Saunders investigate having a Karate Club?

Mrs Saunders hasn’t investigated having a Karate Club yet but will do so shortly.  She informed Council that there will be other new clubs available to join in the coming terms like: Walking Club and Board Game Club.

3. Has Year 2 decided which Charity to support when we have ‘Country & Western Day’?

Class 2 has chosen to support either the NSPCC or the Australia Fires charity.  Mrs Saunders said that the school can take a vote on which charity to support during an assembly.

4. Has ‘Crazy Hair Day’ – to raise money for a homeless charity – been added to the Diary?

Crazy Hair day has been added to the Diary for Term 5.

5. Can we have a whole class act at the Talent Show?

The Talent Show will be at Easter again this year, at the end of Term 4. It  is up to individual classes to decide if they wish to organise a whole class act to perform at the show.

6.Has Mrs Saunders looked into Recycling Bins?

Mrs Saunders has two Recycling Bins on order and we are currently waiting for them to be delivered.

7. Has Mrs Saunders looked into have Bike Racks?

Mrs Heasman has discovered that it is possible to apply for Council funding for bike racks as long as they are positioned where they can be used by both the School and the Community. We are currently in the process of looking into the application process. In the meantime, if any children wish to cycle to school, we can organise for somewhere to store bikes during the day safely.

8. A.O.B:

Year 1

Year 1 have requested an Art Club; Mrs Saunders said she will ask the teachers about this as Clubs are one of the things she is talking to the teachers about today.

Year 2

Year 2 would like to have another ‘Dress like a Teacher’ day and an ‘Odd Sock’ day.  Mrs Saunders said she will put ‘Odd Sock’ day into the Diary during the next two terms and ‘Dress Like a Teacher’ day could be put into the Diary but for towards the end of the academic year.

Year 3

Year 3 told Council that the ‘Quiet Area’ is too noisy every day on the playground. They have observed that some children are rough-playing in there and some children are playing with equipment in there and even hiding equipment in there for later! Mrs Saunders said she will speak to the children in assembly and remind them of the rules of the ‘Quiet Area’. She will also look at getting the books out, for the ‘Quiet Area’, in the better weather. 

Year 4

Year 4 said that they had noticed that the lids were not being put back onto the equipment trolleys on both playgrounds, after playtime and lunchtime. Mrs Kelly suggested that Freya organise some monitors (from Year 4) to do this every day.  Mrs Saunders also asked them to check that the lids had been put on the trolleys on the infant playground too.

Year 5

Year 5 reminded Mrs Saunders that the Football table, on the junior playground, is quite badly damaged. Mrs Saunders said she will look at it today, to see if it can be repaired, or whether it needs replacing.

Year 6

Year 6 told Council that they had really enjoyed the mixed reading sessions last term and would like more – perhaps once a term or every other term?

Mrs Saunders asked Council for their help with some systems that are currently in place and that possibly need changing or updating. She asked whether the councillors thought that badges are still a good idea and whether children still liked earning their badges.  She asked Councillors to ask their classes if all the children still wanted to have badges or whether they had any new ideas.  She also mentioned ‘Star of the Week’ but the councillors vehemently said that they wanted to definitely keep the award of ‘Star of the Week’.

Mrs Saunders also asked whether the Councillors still wanted to and enjoyed dressing up for ‘World Book Day’?  She asked the councillors to ask their classes if they all still wanted to go ahead with dressing up this year or whether the children would like to have different choices or options for how to celebrate World Book Day. She also asked for any alternative suggestions for celebrating World Book Day. Councillors to discuss this with their classes as soon as possible please!

9. Date for next School Council Meeting:

The next school council meeting will be held on Monday 2nd March at 10:10am.

Mrs Saunders and Mrs Kelly thanked the school councillors and Mrs Cresswell for attending the meeting and it was closed by the Chairman, Eartha, at 10:30am.

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