Our Vision




We are preparing our children for the rest of their lives; to seek challenges and make excellent academic, personal and social progress.


We are aware that it is a privilege to have your children attend our school and we take this level of responsibility very seriously. Our aim is to have every child rushing through the school gates excited about the day ahead.


Everyone who works at Cobham Primary School is proud of the school's local reputation of being a well organised, happy and attractive learning environment where the children are given every encouragement to become hard working, considerate and polite future citizens.

At Cobham Primary School, the staff's ethos of working together guarantees every individual child the support, guidance and opportunities to truly thrive.

Our vision is for the school, parents, governors and local community to work together to ensure that our school is in the hearts and minds of all that are associated with it.

Children will be nurtured, encouraged and challenged to always give their best, to aim high and take real pride in who they are and what they can achieve. achieve. Everyone’s well–being (including team members) is of the highest priority and everyone is expected to learn how to look after themselves and each other.

Cobham has a wonderful team of teachers and teaching assistants who provide a high level of teaching and learning which is engaging, active and fun. We continue to strive towards attaining a high level of academic standards across every year we teach.

We believe in building strong links between home and school to foster a positive and productive relationship with parents. We work together at all times to achieve the best for our children. Our eagerness to involve the parents in the children's learning and everyday school life has established a productive partnership thus encouraging our children to reach their full potential.