Our Values




We aim to be kind, to persevere and to be happy. We strive to always get along, to be respectful and enthusiastic. Together we make a difference. We are Caring, Proud and Successful!


At Cobham we aim to preserve and maintain the character of our village primary school with its reputation for being happy, friendly, warm and welcoming. Therefore enabling our pupils to effectively achieve and learn in a caring and nurtured environment.

We strive to make learning fun for all and school a place where children love to learn. Our aim is to encourage the children to develop a love for lifelong learning in readiness for the challenges of the 21st century.

We encourage our pupils to make a positive contribution both to the school and in the wider community.

We believe that it is vitally important to foster a climate of understanding, acceptance and encouragement where every child’s worth really does matter and each individual voice is acknowledged and valued.

We continuously aim for outstanding standards of teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom, thus helping our pupils to maximise their potential and discover their true talents and passions.

We believe that to improve the life chances of our pupils we must teach and guide them to use their initiative, make healthy life-style choices and stay safe in order to achieve future happiness and economic well-being


Trust Week at Cobham

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