School Council


The Cobham Primary School Council are elected by the pupils in their class to attend School Council meetings and articulate the views of their peers at School Council meetings.

The votes are in and these children were chosen to represent their class for this year on the Cobham School Council. They are already cracking the whip with many suggestions for improvements. We will do our best to ensure that their voices are heard. Congratulations on your new role. It's a real honour!

Read the latest minutes from the Cobham Primary School Council Blog

School Council Members 2016 - 2017

Class 6
Harrison Watson
Lucy Field
Class 5
George Silk
Daisy Gregory
Class 4
Arran Khun-Khun
Lola Travers

Class 3
Dylan Wade
Gracie Connor
Class 2
Coby Blackstock
Elsea-Rae Taylor
Class 1
Jay Williams
Daisy Beckett

The children of Cobham Primary School decided on Cobham’s Caring Code (please see link below) using the voice of the School Council. All ideas generated were discussed, combined and agreed by the School Council Representatives of 2014 - 2015.
Cobham's Caring Code