Mr B’s Online Safety Newsletter No.1

Online Safety Newsletter

This is the first of a termly newsletter that I hope will you keep informed about the ever-changing technology and online safety concerns that your child might encounter.

This newsletter will signpost you to helpful websites and guides, to keep you informed and support your children to stay safe online. 

Please take the time to visit some of the excellent websites and resources. Stealing a quote from Spiderman: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ – the internet is a powerful tool which can be used by the Heroes but also the villains. It is our responsibility to have the knowledge to protect out little heroes from the villains, a bit like the faithful side-kick!

Mr Burns (Alias Alfred Pennyworth – ‘Batman’s Butler’)

Get ready for a digital festive season

This festive season, set your child up for online safety that lasts the whole year. Whether you’re gifting a new device or one that’s new-to-them, make sure you set it up before you wrap it up with step-by-step guides and a personalised online safety plan.

Explore our guidance below to gift yourself peace of mind as they play and share in new and different ways over the holidays.

‘The online safety plan is really good and, depending on your answers when you complete the 2-minute survey, will give you personalised information and guidance about the Apps, online websites, games your child/ren might use.’ – Mr B

Keeping your under 5 safe online

‘Statistics released by Ofcom show that over 50% of children aged 3-4 go online for nearly 8 hours a week, and 1 in 5 children aged 3-4 have their own tablet. – this article is worth a read with these statistics!’ – Mr B

Jessie and Friends

Children are accessing technology and the internet at a younger age than ever before. It’s never too early to talk to your child about what they do online and who to tell if they come across anything online that makes them feel worried, scared or sad.

Jessie & Friends is a series of three animations that follow the adventures of Jessie, Tia and Mo as they begin to navigate the online world, watching videos, sharing pictures and playing games. There’s also a storybook for each episode, to help you and your child keep the conversation going.

‘A way to support the online safety learning we provide at school.’ – Mr B

Common Sense Media

Reviews for what your kids are into (before they get into it) – Trusted ratings created with families in mind.

‘If you don’t know about this, you are missing out!  It gives excellent reviews of films & games including ratings on: Violence & Scariness, Positive messages, sex, romance & nudity and Language (with listed bad language or rude words used in the film/game). It also has parent reviews giving their opinion on age suitability and what they thought of the film/game.’ – Mr B

Information Guides

I have downloaded some from different online safety websites which you can access via the link below instead of searching on the internet for them. ‘What Parents Need to Know About…’.

NEW! Vodaphone’s Digital Parenting Guide – helping parents and carers navigate the unchartered waters of raising kids against a backdrop of rapidly evolving tech.

What Parents Need to Know About…

NEW! Minecraft
NEW! Internet Matters
NEW! Fifa23
NEW! Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2
NEW! Social Media and Mental Health

To view and download these NEW guides and more…

Click on this link:–12pJ?usp=sharing

Complete List of Guides – What Parents Need to Know About…’

Age-Inappropriate Content
Be Kind Online
Disney+ Safety Guide
Fortnite Safety Guides
Good Mental Health
HouseParty App Safety Guide
How to clean devices
Live Lesson Guide
Netflix Safety Guide
Online Safety Guide
Remote Learning 4 Parents
Roblox Safety Guide
Setting up New Devices for children
Smartphone Safety
TikTok Safety Guide
Youtube Kids Safety Guide
Zoom Safety Guide

Mr Burns

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Mr Burns

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