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Dear Families,

Forgive the silence for a while but last week I was not in school and this week has been busy. The last week of term is here! How that happened I do not know! But it has been an incredibly tough term for many of you and us. I hope everyone is OK and that we can look to the Spring coming.

Thank you!

Once again I have had to rely on many of the team to work extra, cover and lead classes as we’ve had many cases of covid, not just amongst the children, but the team too. My team have been phenomenal once again. I cannot thank them for all the extras that they have done. Miss Chiarletti, Year 1’s new teacher after half term was certainly thrown into the deep end last week, leading her new class and getting to know them. She will never know how grateful I was in knowing that she was there supporting such a wonderful class.


We have some goodbyes this week. Mrs Ttaris has been amazing in Year 1 this year and we have been so grateful to have her back at Cobham this year. We wish her all the very best in her new adventures and continuing with her own photography business. You are still one of the loveliest ladies that I have met in this profession. Keep in touch!

Also our incredible Miss Taylor is leaving us to fully lead her own doggy day care business. For those of you having parents’ meetings yesterday afternoon and could hear my very own Rottweiller barking, she’ll be sent to Miss Taylor on the next days we have those meetings! Sincere apologies. Wishing both these phenomenal ladies all the love and luck in the world. Own businesses- quite jealous but equally super proud to know such inspirational ladies.

Also sadly at the end of the first week back, the Year 4 team and children will lose our fantastic Mrs Merry. Mrs Merry has been with us for many years and I know how fond the children who have been lucky enough to have her support in the past and those in Year 4 now who are supported by her, how much they will miss her. Again I am incredibly proud of her taking a new path, but equally still working alongside young people who will truly benefit from her support and amazing care.

New term

At the start of Term 4, I hope to be able to announce & welcome our new governors to Cobham. Thank you to those of you that showed interest. It is a vital role – often very time consuming!

Parent Survey 2022

Take a look at the results if you can! They are phenomenal! 96 families have contributed. Although I am always one to celebrate the positive with the children and the team, there is one family who would not recommend our school – this makes me sad. I appreciate that the survey is anonymous but if there is anything we can do to turn this opinion/view around, I would do my best. Again there are always appropriate avenues to explore if parents are concerned about the provision that we provide. In the first instance – writing to our school governors. Our Complaints Policy is on the school website for everyone’s information.

Pupil Survey 2022

The children’s survey also proved incredibly positive and the results will be on the school website very soon and I will be sharing the results with the children on our return after half term! I will be trying to gather their views in areas that they wish for us to improve! They are always very keen to do this!

Team Survey 2022

I am also proud of the results of the team survey undertaken this term, especially as I know how tough the last 18 months have been for us all. I am in no doubt that I drive them crackers sometimes. (They probably loved my absence last week!) but without reservation, we are all here for the same reason – our children. These results will again be on the school website in due course!

Parent Meetings

I hope the parent meetings have been useful this week so far and that they have been a celebration of all that the children have achieved this year. I know many of you liked the opportunity to look at the children’s books that we sent home. Thank you for returning them. At the end of next term, you will not receive an end of term report card, but the children’s annual school report (except Year R). At the start of Term 5, there will be a chance to discuss the reports with the teachers face to face.


We have been lucky enough to have some books donated to us and we would like to once again encourage the children to read over the holiday. We will be setting up tables in both the junior and infant playground at the end of the day. Children can come along and take a book if they wish! The children’s reading has been a massive focus this term and it will continue to be a priority next term.

Book Week is Monday 28th February and of course World Book Day (the 25th WBD) is Thursday 3rd March where we would love the children to dress up as their favourite book character! There are some prizes up for grabs!

Well…. That’s more than enough for me. Hope the half term is a great one for everyone. Read lots! Laugh lots! Enjoy a little breather hopefully. We look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 22nd February!

Many thanks for all your continued and amazing support too.


Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders
Mrs Saunders

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Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders is Headteacher at Cobham Primary School

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