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‘A room without books is like a body without a soul.’

Dear Families,

Hope the weekend was a good one!

This term our whole school Jigsaw PSHE theme is ‘Dreams and Goals.’ A child from each class shared their own dreams for 2022 as well as all my teachers! Very interesting indeed! Ask the children about them. We all look forward to finding out more about every child’s dreams and goals as we make our way through the learning in this subject.

This week will be a busy one as ever with our ‘Life’ workshops as well as lots of PE. We are certainly keeping the children fit and active, both physically and mentally!

Many of you love our ‘reading’ initiative and have even expressed your delight at it! I heard several children read on Friday and was pleased to see so many of you having signed the reading record books throughout the week, but there were some that hadn’t. 🙁

I hope the children are being heard read with each night and that it simply is not seen as something that falls from the list. It is so important for our children to engage daily with their reading.

In looking at our provision plans across the school, many TA hours are utilised to hear children read individually – often because parents haven’t. This makes me quite sad for several reasons, but the main one being that our children are missing out on that amazing opportunity of books and reading being an integral part of their lives.

Anyway, we will keep reminding you of reading being the window to all our children’s worlds.

Packed lunches please for the next 3 days for the workshops to take place – Hope the children thoroughly enjoy the workshops. I also hope that they see the relationships and benefits of healthy eating and living and its impact upon own well-being. I know I need this reminder!

Have a good week!


Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders
Mrs Saunders

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Mrs Saunders

Mrs Saunders is Headteacher at Cobham Primary School

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